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…that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

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Paper trays instead of plastics!

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An environmentally conscious solution instead of plastic packaging.

In order to protect our earth, more and more manufacturers and producers are replacing their plastic packaging with solutions that are less harmful to our planet. The use of environment friendly raw materials, cardboard boxes and trays for the packaging of almost any product or food offers a perfect solution and a great alternative to plastic boxes. When designing boxes and trays, we always take into account the characteristics of the product to be packed. This allows us to produce perfect trays for greasy, juicy foods and meals too.


Following is to show the potential of the paper tray packaging.


tálcák kialakítása

Shapes by function: We offer unique shapes for different products, depending on it’s a vegetable, fruit or food packaging. For example, when designing packaging for a prepared meal, it’s a very important feature, that the food should not leak out and the packaging should not be soaked. In case of vegetables, we design the trays with various gaps and ribs. This way we can assure to air them, and vegetables will stay fresh.

tálca magassága és hajlásaWide range of sizes: a the height of the trays can be chosen from a wide range. The minimum height is 15 millimeters while the maximum is 320 millimeters. The sides of the trays can be tilted between 10 and 50 degrees to suit your needs.


tálca szósztartóvalSauce holder in the tray: a thanks to the different gluing options, a separate sauce holder can be separated in the trays. With this we can make the packaging really practical, and it offers a great solution for packing street food and confectionery with sauce.merevített oldalú tálcaRigid sides, stable support: we can create folded edges and overlaps on the trays with special manufacturing technology. The size of the folds can be between 10 and 60 mm. This will make the tray more rigid and stronger. That way product is better protected from damages.


We provide a wide range of raw materials, so that the trays perform their functions perfectly and are also aesthetical in appearance.

We can use a wide range of cardboards:

  • natural looking, brown on both sides, strong “Kraft” cardboard
  • natural looking, white on one side and brown on the other side strong “Kraft” cardboard
  • recycled raw material
  • extra white cardboards
  • white on the outside and brown on the inside E or F corrugated cardboard
  • mass dyed materials that are black on the inside and brown on the outside


In the production of food packaging materials, in addition to quality, we pay special attention to the safety of our products.

Our company has set up HACCP food safety system, with which we want to ensure that we carry out our activities in an organized manner, at the highest possible level, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

During our processes, we ensure proper hygiene, operating environment and manufacturing practices, and we continuously identify, evaluate and handle potential hazards. Only food safety certified materials are used.

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